Women's Jewelry Set with Earrings and pendant in a beautiful contemporary design from Preciosa collection of Fashion Jewelry decorated by cubic zirconia stones of violet color from Preciosa classic line collection.


Its Have a similar resemblance to an amethyst stone, the earrings and pendant look like amulets with colored crystals inside of them. Women Jewelry Set with Violet Czech Cubic Zirconia stones produced by Preciosa Beauty.


Jewelry Set for women and girls with huge cubic zirconia stones in drop's design can attract views of everybody. Women's silver earrings and pendants in the violet color are an attractive jewelry accessory for any occasion and suitable gift idea for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas or New Year Eve, Birthday, or Wedding.  


Sterling Silver jewelry stones produced By Preciosa Beauty with a special technology for the transfusion of colors from light violet to other color's shades. Vitrail-violet is the patented color of the cubic zirconia by Preciosa. Jewelry set with this effect of the colors can bring a wide spectrum of shades and create a romantic look.


Crystals every time play with you by the color's shades. Depends on around temperature or lights, the time of the day even depends on your mood... nobody knows that you have this secret.


The violet color of cubic zirconia symbolizes Female Fascination. All shades of violet now with you, also you can note transfusion to other shades of colors. Jewelry women's set of Earrings and pendants with Czech stones is a gourgeous accessory for Grace and Elegant look. Now You are a reach of positive energy.


The excellent quality of the Czech crystals gives us the possibility to see and feel the energy of the beauty of all shades of the violet color the zircons. With Wearing colorful jewelry accessories you emphases your feeling and emotions. Violet is a symbol of majesty, fascination, splendor.


The violet color is universal and looks perfect with the combination of all shades of hair: black, brown, red, blonde, grey.


Sterling Silver earrings and pendant are hypoallergenic and good for sensitive skin.

Amazing cubic zirconia beads


Preciosa Beauty is a Czech company that has been on the market for over 70 years.

Made: Czech Republic, European quality.

Material: sterling silver, cubic zirconia stone


Color: violet, silver


Size of a pendant:

S: 24 x 13 mm,  L: 45 mm

S: 0.9" x 0.5" ,  L: 17.7"


Size of the earrings:

W22 x H12 mm / W0.9 x H0.5"

Silver Weght: 3.6 g

Women's jewelry set sterling silver Enigmatic with violet cubic zirconia stones

SKU: 517556-517656