Absolutly amazing table lamp from pure optical glass. It is looks gorgeous at interiors and good for any places. Crystal table lamp decorated by square shade of white color.

Square crystal parts produced from optical glass and gives feeling stable.

From asian cultures we know more information about symbolism of square shapes.  Square has a 4 sides which combine with meaning of 4. This silver table lamp has a 4 cubes. And now you have combination 4 x 3!!! Cubes has right angles and represent order, mathematics, rationality, and formality. They are seen as earthbound symbols.

You can use modern table lamp  with square cubes at any room and places.


Material: brass, optical glass

Color: silver, clear crystal


1 light

UL certiicate



in: 10 x 20 x 10

sm: 26 x 50 x 26

Table lamp TORINO from optical glass by Preciosa lighting 51 430 80

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