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 Pendant ORION from Classic Line of new fashion collection by Preciosa Beauty was created in combination with cubic zirconia stones and astrology symbolism in shape. Pendant was produced from big cut crystal with Color AB (shades of light blue and pink color) 

Orion was one of the greatest classical heroes, who not only gained fame for his hunting skills, but also for his knowledge of the stars.

Colorless, white or violet these colors open the door of perception; bring unity with the Universe and transcendental love. 

Material: silver AG925/RH, cubic zirconia stones

Color: silver, colorless clear crystal



in: 1.2 x 2.8'' L: 29.5"

mm: 30 x 71 L: 75 sm

Weight: AG 5.6 g

Pendant Orion Pure cubic zirconia diamonds crystal AB Silver Ag925/Rh 5245 00

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$ 151,00Price
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