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Round crystal medallion pendant necklace for women in combination of the black and clear crystal color has created magic pictures. Gothic symbolizm it is combination of ancient Egipt, Kelt and Christian components like a sun crosses. Sun and sun lights like a nature of life was  a main motive of that culturies. Now you can use knowledge of those eras. 

Pendant can be perfect gift with a deep meaning and kindly wishes.


Material: Crystal, Sterling silver

Color: Black / crystal

S: 32 x 20 mm,  L: 45 mm

S: 1.2 x 0.8" ,  L: 17.7"

Pendant Magical Ornament Sterling Silver black and crystals

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$ 100,00Price
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  • The whole Crystal Gothic collection has been inspired by the Gothic architecture and its arches, gables or windows, which can be found in the big cathedrals. Do you would like to lean more? 

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