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Crystal figurines of Beautiful White Egret manufactured by traditional glassmaking technology. Every produced item is an original.

Egret bird can be a amazing and original gift for Women and Men, same as their Home.

The main symbolicof the Egret figurine is the purifier of filth and protection against evil spirits. Accordingly, the Egret is used as a guardian of the home, tribal traditions and customs. On the other hand, the Egret symbolizes in life, therefore it contributes to favorable changes as a talisman of your home. Egret helps to bring happiness to your cozy home.

Put this figurines at the Living room, Bathroom near with mirrow. The Egret is a bird of the Water. Brings tact and delicacy. White Egret is a good omen. In Egypt the egret is a symbol of rising Sun and creator of light. Some historical materials has information that Egret is a prototype of Phoenix. Christians see in the image of this bird towering over life's fires like a Egret overcoming rain clouds.  

To kids gift of the Egret figurines will brings a comfort, peace and quite.

To Women it will be  cracy, elegance and beauty. 

To Men it is a good helper to keep Happy life at his Home.

Material: Crystal, Stones

Color: Clear Crystal


225 X 87 mm

8.9 x 3.4"

Crystal Figurine of Little White Egret. 1082 00

SKU: 108200
$ 300,00Price
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