Bohemian crystal chandelier in silver finishes for the home space, customer zone, store. Beautiful cutting crystals gives more shine and gently light. This is chandelier great idea for the living room, dinning zone, bedroom.

Awesome glass handwork with decorative elements such as crystal strands, bells, pendants and handmade cutting tube on the every candlesticks gives  festy and elegance. Also helps to creates romantic atmosphere. Crystal chandelier attractive to Wedding, Beauty salons and story. This is crystal chandelier catch view of each other who attend your space. This is a unique and gourgoes design in traditionaly bohemian style. Buy crystal chandelier and start to create history of your space.


21 Lights x 40 WT E12


Handmade cut crystal

Color of finishes: Silver

Decorative elements:

crystal handmade cuting bell

Swarovski element


d 90 sm / 36"

h 92 sm / 36"


76 x 36 x 40 sm

30 x 15 x 16 in

Crystal chandelier "Berkana L681/18+3/01 TBN" silver finishes

SKU: L681-18-3-01TBN