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Bohemian crystal chandelier of large size for the home space, customer zone, store, ballroom, church and yet.

Beautiful and amazing glass handwork with decorative elements such as crystal strands, handmade cutting bells and pendants gives gently festy and helps to creates romantic atmosphere. This chandelier is great for the store, beauty salons, customer's zone, meeting halls, churchs. This is crystal chandelier attractive view of each other who attend your space. This is a unique and gourgoes design in traditionaly bohemian style. Buy crystal chandelier and start to create history of The Family Home. Bells are a goodluck symbol of unlimited openness, giving place to the wisdom.


28 Lights x 40 WT E12


Machine cut crystal, Handmade cutting crystal

Color of finishes: 


Decorative elements:

crystal strands

big crystal handmade cutting bells

Weight: 30 kg / 66 pounds


d 95 sm / 38"

h 122 sm / 48"


76 x 58 x 60 sm

30 x 23 x 24 in

Crystal chandeliers "Berkana L102/28/22 N" with bells

SKU: L102-28-22Nbells
$ 5 200,00Price
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