Necklace Vela from Classic Line of new fashion collection by Preciosa Beauty was created in combination with cubic zirconia stones and astrology symbolism in shape.

The constellation was established as a result of the division of the original classical constellation of ARGO NAVIS into three parts. The Argo was the vessel which the Argonauts sailed to Colchis in on their search for the Goden Fleece, a symbol of royal might. Vela collection decorated withcolorless cubic zirconia stones. It is a beautiful diamond shape stones.


The silver Vela necklace consists of 8 shining cubic zirconia stones of various sizes. The gentle design of the jewelry will be appreciated by women who love soft elegance. The necklace can be worn alone or in combination with the Vela Pendant. Their interconnection creates a unique layered design that highlights your personality. Jewelry will love women who prefer gentle elegance.

The jewelry of this series, with colorless cubic zirconia stones, combined with silver, resemble a rippled sea surface. After it, the mythical ship Argo flew to Colchid for the golden fleece. And from here this collection was named Vela, a sail.Go along with her for adventure!


Colorless, white or violet these colors open the door of perception; bring unity with the Universe and transcendental love. 

Material: silver AG925/RH, cubic zirconia stones

Color: silver, colorless clear crystal



in: 0.9 x 0.4 L: 15.0 + 2.8""

mm: 22 x 10 L: 38 + 7 sm

Weight: AG 2.8 g

Necklace Orion Colorless cubic zirconia diamond Silver Ag925/Rh 5250 00

SKU: 5255 00

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