Crystal collection of figurines.

Butterfly Fairy. Gift for any girl in your family and your friends. 

Butterfly Fairy is very Gentle and an Elegancy gift emphasized generally embody Feminity and a connection to Nature, your ancestry, or a particular culture.

Butterfly Fairy on the Flower makes by glassmakers of Czech Repablic by there hands with Beautiful and Unique design. Tiny handwork of masters of crystal helps to create nice face of Fairy, also as combination of frozen matt crystal and cut clear crystal. Look closely! You will see a blue necklace and a barrette. On the back there are blue wings. Blue is the color of Luck. For many, this color is a symbol of eternity and the sky. Still blue, sybolizes fidility, honesty, chastity,constancy,kindness and good glory.

Are you ready to make a present for your loved ones?

This is a Best gift for Teenage Girls!


Material: Cut and smooth Crystal

Color: clear and blue 


75 x 85 mm

2.9 x 3.3"

Best gift for Teenage Girls Gift for girls, Mom, women. Butterfly Fairy. 1337 67

SKU: 133767