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Brooch for women from jewelry alloy calls Flying Gem by Veronika decorated with a combination of the shades of blue and green colors. This women's brooch Flying Gem was created by jewelry designer Veronika Souckova special for women and girls who like elegant coloring pieces.


The intricate design of a woman's brooch holds no flaws. Designed to fit with colors of life by displaying the green leaves and blue water. With this color combination and variation, it is easy to match them with most outfits.


Brooch in bird shape created with inspired of hummingbirds like a symbol of Love, happiness, and Beauty. The Hummingbird lives on the American continent that gives the possibility to make a beautifil gift like a souvenir from the USA. 



Hypoallergenic Metal

Czech Crystals


Color: light blue, blue, light green, green.


W: 52 mm / 0.6"

H: 46 mm / 1.8"

Brooch Hummingbird

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