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This Pendant lighting with Swarovski crystasl takes attention anywhere. You can put it in any space of your home. For example, its can looks amazine in the kitchen, small hall, bathroom, closets and yet. In Any places ceiling fixtures in gold finishes will attractive and cute. It can install anywhere. Flash mount  has a small width and it perfect possobility to put on the ceiling even in hall and dress closets like a smart and beautiful points. Ceiling lighting can looks amazine in the kitchen, on the Top of small hall, bathroom and yet. Just take it to create your own design In Any places. Small crystals from Swarovski gives nice rainbow and reflection of warm sunny light and brings for your room clear and healthy energy. Lighting fixtures from crystal attractive and cute.

Available option in Finishes also in silver and italian patina like a dark brass gives you more choice for your interior decor.

3 light


in 14x8 in

 35x20 sm

Gold finishes

Crystal: Swarovski

Easy Installation: open and install

 It can goes in gold, silver and italian patina color of metal finishes.


Gold crystal ceiling light "Berkana L709-3-05 S"

SKU: L709-3-05S
$ 592,00Price
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